Self Guided Walking Holidays in Ireland.

There are many self guided walks in Ireland from the Wicklow Way to the Dingle Way, the Kerry way and the Beara Way to name just a few. These walks are usually of a long distance trail and are walked over several days.

Self Guided Ways Ireland

Hilltoptreks offer many of these walks for individuals and groups. Including organizing their accommodation and transferring their luggage while they walk. We also provide details of the trails with maps and books and suggest the place to eat and interesting places to visit along the way.

The self-guided walks are suited to people who wish to walk at their own pace and are happy to discover places on their own. They should also have a good sense of direction and be apt at readings maps and using a compass. Although the trails are very well marked with pointers of usually an image of a yellow walking man it can still be easy to miss a marker with grown vegetation.

This is why we also give a 24 hour support number to those doing the trails that for whatever reason they are delayed they can contact us. Most of the time though they are delayed because they decided to have a longer lunch and take in the wonderful vistas. We can contact their accommodation and make them aware of the situation.

The long distance trails in Ireland usually take a large loop and you finish up in the town where you started. Although this is not always the case such as the Wicklow Way which is a linear walk which starts in Dublin and finishes in county Carlow. If this is the case then Hilltoptreks will help you organize your transfer back to Dublin.

A lot of people prefer self guided walks as they can give you more freedom than a guided walk. You can decide what pace you wish to walk and where you wish to stop along the way. You can also visit places that are of interest to you and if you do fancy a drink or a dip in the sea, this is also your choice.

Hilltoptreks have many Self Guided Walking Holidays in Ireland to choose from, so please be our guest.

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