Sofa to Summit Challenge – Jan 6th – 27th.
Cost: €120pp
Offer 2 people for €199 or 3 people for €275


  • 4 Guided Walks with transport from Dublin.
  • Advice – Walking Gear, Map Reading.
  • Qualified Guides to assist you.
  • Transport is provided (Limited Spaces)

Sofa to Summit Challenge

About The Challenge and what it entails:sofa to summit challenge

This is a 4 week course, building up to you getting to the summit of Lugnaquillia (925m) Leinster’s highest Point.

It is a great way to get fit, lose some of those pounds, put on eating all those mince pies!, enjoy incredible scenery and socialise at the same time.

We will start you off on the sofa to summit challenge with a relatively easy walk while gradually increasing the length and altitude of the walks each week. The walks are all lead by qualified guides and the group will only travel as fast as the slowest person.

This is not a race but a challenge for you to get to the summit of “Lug” on the final walk.

Advice on clothing, walking gear and some navigation skills will be given over the course of the 4 weeks. The walks have been chosen for the accessibility and of course the wonderful scenery.

The course starts with our first walk on Jan 6th and continues on gradually to the final summit on Jan 27th.

  • Details of the walks and meeting locations etc will be emailed to you when you sign up.
  • If any of the Walks need to get cancelled due to weather conditions we will postpone it for another day.
  • Car Pooling and Transport will be organised for each walk
  • There will also be a 50% discount offer for our Walking Club membership for those who sign up.

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Had a fantastic time doing the Sofa to Summit.. Noel was a great guide & really looked after us. His encouragement and support really pushed us over those struggling moments. And is knowledge of the area was first class… Would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to try hillwalking/treking, it’s tough but from this couch potatoe it’s doable…..

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