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Guided Walking Holiday of 8 Days on The Camino :  St Jean De Port to Estella - The Way of St James.

Dates 2017: May 9th - 16th and Sept 12th - 19th

Cost is €680, (Members of Club €580) Deposit of 25% required at the time of booking. There is a 3% booking fee


Included in Cost:

  • 7 nights accommodation:
  • Breakfast each morning.
  • Full time English Speaking Guide.
  • Evening Meal on arrival
  • Transport during tour / Airport transfers.        
  • Luggage Forwarded.
  • Training walks before departure.

Note that flights are not included in cost.

Recommended flights to get you there
Tues May 9th and Tues Sept 12th
Ryan Air to Biarraitz. FR1982 Depart 09:30

Return Flights:
Tues May 16th and Tues Sept 19th
Aer Lingus from Bilbao. EI749 Depart 17:05

The Camino De Santiago is the ancient Pilgrimage trail of St James with its source in many countries and ending up at the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain.
On this section we will be following thetraditional first part of the French Way (Camino Frances) starting from St Jean Pied de Port in the Pyrenees and going as far as Estella with a rest day in Pamplona.

8 days on the Camino: Frances.


Day 1: St Jean de Port – Orisson - 12Km
Meet at Dublin Airport and fly to Biarritz, Pickup at the Airport and travel to St Jean de Port. This town is the ancient capital of the Basque region with a great medieval atmosphere in its narrow streets. When we arrive here we will take a look about the town, get our passports stamped and start our walk along the Camino. We will be taking what is called the Napoleon Route named after the Great French General, the way he would take his troops into Spain. This is the steeper of the route options but the most scenic and once we get into Orisson there will be plenty of time to rest the legs and relax.
(Luggage Transfer To Orrison)

Day 2: Orisson – Burguete: - 18Km
This morning after we have had some breakfast and coffee we will continue to make our way along the Napoleon Route. The ground will not be as steep as the previous day but we will still be going up a little, the good news is there is a lot more downhill today. We will be making our way past the town of Roncesvalles onto Burguete.
The town of Burguete is famous for Ernest Hemingway with a central square and statue of San Nicolas de Barri (A saintly protector of Pilgrims on the Camino). They also burnt women as witches here in the 16th century.
(Luggage Transfer To Burguete)

Day 3: Burguete – Zubiri: – 22Km
Today’s walk will be a mix of woodland and open countryside and we are still at a height of about 900m so there is still a lot more down than up to go. It is also mainly quite track with very little road. We will be crossing the Puente de la Rabia (medieval bridge) so called because it was believed that any animal led 3 times around the central arch would be cured of rabies. Zubiri itself has a population of approx 400 and has grocery shop, bank and church.
(Luggage Transfer To Zubiri)

Day 4: Zubiri - Pamplona – 21Km
The path today is a tranquil walk crisscrossing the Rio Argo for the first half and the rest will bring us along busy main road leading into the town Pamplona. There are plenty of shaded areas along the way to cool down and water fonts as well. Pamplona itself is a beautiful city and the Camino trail passes right through the heart of it. We can stop here and visit some nice cafes and tapas bars before going to our accommodation in Pamplona.
(Luggage Transfer To Pamplona)

Day 5: Rest Day in Pamplona.
This is the famous city of the St Ferman (Bull Run) and as this is such a lovely city and fits in nicely for a place to stop and let the legs take a break. The city itself is walled and there is an old section that the Bull Run takes place. Hemingway is also famous in the Part of the World after writing about the city and the Bull running festival. So there is plenty to see and do while resting in Pamplona.


Estella on the CaminoDay 6: Pamplona to Puente La Reina. 21 KM
The trail today is mainly quite path and not as long as yesterdays trail. There is how ever some hills to cross but these offer great views across Pamplona behind us and to the west of us the Arga Valley opens up and the villages we pass through ahead. The scenery is quite different from what we have walked through before with open farmland around us. Eventually we will make our way into Puente La Reina.
(Luggage Transfer To Puente La Reina)


Day 7: Puente La Reina - Estella - 21.9Km

Todays walk continues through some wonderful open farmland with a little incline at the start but is quite flat after this leading to lovely lovely peaceful walk all the way to Estella. We pass few through quite a few villages along this way so plenty of chances to get water, snacks etc.
(Luggage Transfer To Estella)


Day 8: Au revoir and Hasta luego to the Camino for now…
Today after some breakfast and getting our things together we say Goodbye to the Camino for Now.
Get a bus to Bilbao airport for our return to Dublin.



Important Information about the Tour:

Food / Meals: Most breakfasts where possible are included in price. An evening meal on arrival are also covered in cost. There are many places along the way to eat as well. The food on the camino is very good in most places and very reasonable in price.

Luggage Transfer: Your luggage will be transfered each day along the way, easing what you need to carry while walking.

Accommodation: The accommodation along the way is a mix of hotels and guesthouses. The sharing of rooms is hard to avoid for groups along the way.

If you would like to try organise a single or double room for yourself I can give you the details of where we are staying. I will give you back the difference. If you successful in doing this I would then obviously need to know.

What to Bring:

Very Important: Check Your Passport is in date: and get Travel Insurance.Food on the Camino


Some tips:

What you carry each day will be your most important part. So less is better.

Your Day Pack:

Essentials: Water, snack, sun hat, sun cream, sun glasses, raingear. blister plasters, lip balm. small first aid. (Small Backpack)

A typical day pack is approx 20L - No heavier than 8Kg.


Suntan lotion
Antiseptic cream (e.g. Neosporin or similar)
Lip balm (e.g. Chapstick or similar)
Cloth tape for blisters (also good to use before the blister forms, for prevention)
Band-aids, again primarily for blisters
Sterile gauze bandages for emergencies

•Strong walking shoes are necessary, mountaineering shoes are not.
•In most sites one can wash clothes; so there is no need to take too many extra clothes
•Mostly, one good water bottle or water bag is enough; if it is very hot you can take extra water in plastic soft-drink bottles
•It can rain heavily, also in Spain: a good raincape not only keeps oneself dry, but also one's backpack
•Don’t forget your earplugs.
•Bring a small light camera.
•small torch .



There is a 3% booking fee

Note: As the Camino is a pilgrimage Trail:

You can get your pilgrimage passport from The Irish Society of St James.

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